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Scanning probe microscopy (SPM)


All the technologies share the concept of scanning an extremely sharp tip (3-50 nm radius of curvature) across the object surface. The tip is mounted on a flexible cantilever, allowing the tip to follow the surface profile

Scanning probe microscopy (AFM muntimode)
Scanning probe microscopy (AFM muntimode)


AFM multimode / AFM Innova BRUKER [contact mode non-contact mode intermittent contact mode - lateral force mode - magnetic/electric force modes-
thermal scanning -mechanical scanning]
Surface Profiler - Alpha step


40 years experience in the domain of photo- and thermo- degradation of polymeric materials. From the molecular scale to the functional properties.


Photochemical degradation mechanisms of most polymeric materials. Correlation chemical mechanisms/degradation of the surface properties.


Carbonyl Index a quantitative probe to monitor polypropylene photodegradation ? C. Rouillon, P.-O. Bussiere, E. Desnoux, Steeve Collin, Christophe Vial , S. Therias, J.-L. Gardette, Polym Degrad Stab, 10.1016/j.polymdegradstab.2015.12.011
Unravelling the Photodegradation Mechanisms of a Low Bandgap Polymer by Combining Experimental and Modeling Approaches Isabel Fraga Domínguez, Paul D. Topham, Pierre-Olivier Bussiere Didier Bégué, Agnes Rivaton, J. Phys. Chem. C 2015, 119, 2166−2176


Images : high,phase, roughness…
Mechanical : nanoindentation, scratch…
Thermal : transition, Sthm, oven (-45 to 350°C)… Electrical/magnetical : potential, capacity…


ICCF Equipe Photochimie Groupe POPPI

Université Blaise Pascal - CNRS - SIGMA
Campus des Cézeaux Avenue Blaise Pascal 63 170 Aubière

Pierre-Olivier Busière
33(0)4 73 40 55 18

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