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Ces publications représentent des résultats ou des méthodologies de tests liés à l’équipement de la plate-forme Durasol.

Mecanical Durability

Sub-grain induced crack deviation in multi-crystalline silicon
Zhao, L., Nelias, D., Bardel, D., Wang, M., Marie, B.
(2017) Journal of Applied Physics, 121 (23), art. no. 235105, .

Crack initiation behavior in single crystalline silicon
Zhao, L., Bardel, D., Maynadier, A., Nelias, D.
(2017) Scripta Materialia, 130, pp. 83-86. Cited 2 times.

Disturbance and recovery in high speed (110) cleavage in single crystalline silicon
Zhao, L., Wang, M., Maynadier, A., Nelias, D.
(2017) Journal of the European Ceramic Society, . Article in Press.

On the fracture of multi-crystalline silicon wafer
Zhao, L., Nelias, D., Bardel, D., Maynadier, A., Chaudet, P., Marie, B.
(2016) Journal of Physics D : Applied Physics, 49 (47), art. no. 475601, . Cited 1 time.

Stiffness and fracture analysis of photovoltaic grade silicon plates
Zhao, L., Maynadier, A., Nelias, D.
(2016) International Journal of Solids and Structures, 97_98, pp. 355-369. Cited 6 times.

Energy productivity and electrical models

A study of the annual performance of bifacial photovoltaic modules in the case of vertical façade integration
B. Soria, E. Gerritsen, P. Lefillastre and J. E. Broquin,, Energy Science and Engineering, doi : 10.1002/ese3.103

Improved equivalent circuit and analytical model for amorphous silicon solar cells and modules
Merten, J. ; Asensi, J.M. ; Voz, C. ; Shah, A.V. ; Platz, R. ; Andreu, J., in Electron Devices, IEEE Transactions on , vol.45, no.2, pp.423-429, Feb 1998, DOI : 10.1109/16.658676

Clear separation of seasonal effects on the performance of amorphous silicon solar modules by outdoor I/V-measurements,
J Merten, J Andreu ; Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, Volume 52, Issues 1–2, 16 March 1998, Pages 11-25, ISSN 0927-0248,

Extraction of PV electrical parameters by PSO algorithm.
Haurant P., Faggianelli G.A., Rodler A., Poggi P., Workshop RS2 (Reliability of solar materials and systems), 26 Mai 2015, Aix en Provence, France.

Electrical parameters extraction from IV curves by particle swarm optimization algorithm for PV ageing study
Haurant P., Faggianelli G.A., Rodler A., Poggi P., International Conference on Energy, Environment and Climate Change, 8 – 9 Juillet 2015, Ile Maurice.

An outdoor plateform for PV ageing study : electrical parameter extraction from I-V curves
Faggianelli G.A., Haurant P., Rodler A., Poggi P., ISES – Solar World Congress, 8 – 12 Novembre 2015, Daegu, Corée du Sud.

Organic PV cells and modules

Monitoring photochemical processes and their consequences in conjugated polymers used in organic solar cells
I. Fraga Domínguez, H. Santos Silva, A. Tournebize, P-O Bussière, P.D. Topham, C. Lombart, B. Pepin-Donat, D. Bégué, R.C. Hiorns, A. Rivaton
HOPV 2015 (Hybrid and Organic Photovoltaics Conference), Rome (Italie) 10-13 Mai 2015

Photoageing of nanocomposites for OSC encapsulation
S. THERIAS (keynote)
Workshop RS2, Aix-en-Provence, 26 mai 2015.


Surface and profile analysis of photodegradation products of EVOH as a polymer for encapsulation purposes
ESOS, Cargèse, 8-12 juin 2015.

De la stabilité du polymère conjugué à celle de la couche active dans une cellule solaire : relation structure / stabilité
A. Perthue, C. Bertrand, I. Fraga Dominguez, A. Gregori, C. Dagron-Lartigau, G. Wantz, A. Rivaton
SPIC 2015 (Science et Technologie des Systèmes pi-Conjugués), Angers (France) 12 - 16 Octobre 2015"


Photodegradation of advanced coatings for solar cells encapsulation
S. THERIAS (Keynote),
PDDG 31th, Stockholm (Suède), 31 Aout-4 sept 2015

General presentation of DURASOL

A platform for PV ageing studies : DURASOL
Haurant P., Faggianelli G.A., Rodler A., Poggi P., European Training School and Conference on Organic Photovoltaic Stability, 4 – 12 Juin 2015, Cargèse, France.

DURASOL : plateforme expérimentale pour l’étude du vieillissement des technologies solaires
Faggianelli G.A., Haurant P., Rodler A., Poggi P., Journées Nationales de l’Energie Solaires, 1 – 3 Juillet 2015, Perpignan, France