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How to use Durasol

Durasol is powered by the excellence of the platform partners involved and can be accessed by any interested party.

There are three ways to do this :

  • The use of equipment is carried out in the framework of innovation development projects, primarily aiming at industrial partners who wish to use the Durasol platform and the expertise its partners to develop innovative solutions or improve thier products.
  • Another form of usage can be made within collaborative research and innovation projects with academic or industry partners, which may be supported by public entities. It is also possible to set up a PhD thesis which profits from the Durasol platform.
  • Ad hoc acces can be provided for academic or industry partners requiring a test or chararcterisation in order to advance with their own projects.

A large share of Durasol equipment has been financed by the French government. Accordingly, the use of such equipment will be free of charge. However, the associated labor to perform the tests and assist users in the development of innovations should be reimbursed, as well as the use of equipment which has been financed by the Durasol partners.

In case of interest, please have a look at the equipment overview or the detailed equipment list and contact us.