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A Research and Developpement platform

Durasol is a platform of scientific equipment for testing the durability solar materials and systems.

Any type of solar energy systems is considered like photovoltaic, solar thermal or concentrated solar power.

For outdoor testing under real operation conditions, a large spectrum of different stress factors are available : UV, Thermal cycling, Salt Spray, High humidity and temperature, as well as high system voltages for PID studies.

Furthermore, advanced lab equipment allows for accelerated durability testing under controlled conditions.

Durasol is is an investment of 12M€ from which 6M€ have been financed by the French government as Excellence Equipement in the Investments for the future programme. This support is greatfully acknowledged.

Durasol is powered by the excellence of the platform partners involved and can be accessed by any interested party. In case of interest, please have a look at the equipment available and contact us.

A platform with multiple impacts

The project will make it possible to better understand the properties of the materials and processes. Moreover, based on physical and chemical analyses and tests, the project will allow us to understand physical laws of material aging which will then lead to the development of future materials and processes with improved durability and reliability. This holds for all solar technologies.

The citicen
Solar energy has become a consumer good. Based on the advanced studies of the aging processes, the manufacturers of the solar products are able to increase the guaranteed service life of their products. This directly reduces the cost of the solar energy generated, and the improved competitiveness will lead to reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

The research community
DURASOL is the only platform focussing on accurately understanding the aging of materials and technologies while covering the entire value chain of any solar energy technology. This platform is unique at European level and, as it covers all the solar energy technologies, it will allow Europe to strengthen its position in the field of renewable energies.

The economy
The purpose of this platform is to offer the solar energy industry advanced test methods and tools increasing the durability and thus reducing the lifetime cost of solar products. Furthermore, new design standards can be developed for tomorrow’s products.